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Something fishy

Fish is often considered the favorite pet food for cats. Cats and fish have been associated since long times. Feeding it to the furry enemy of cats, the dogs, is not a unique or different concept too. Tuna fish in fact is a great alternative source of food for dogs in the meat portion of […]

Pork and dogs

Pork as a food for dogs is the same as chicken or turkey or any other source of meat. However there is a certain level of risk with giving pork to your dog. Eating pork leads to chances of getting the trichinosis infection in dogs. This is an intestinal disease which is caused by a […]

Gatorade prescriptions for dogs

It has come to the notice of many people and dog owners that if your dog is sick and is suffering from lot of vomiting and diarrhea then mostly vets recommend and even prescribe to give Gatorade to the dogs.  Owners follow this suggestion but they are not completely sure of whether or not it […]

Pineapples for dogs

Dogs have a tendency to react to different foods in a different manner. It is not necessary that if a certain food habit has worked out for one dog it will also work out the same way for yours. Thus it is very important to test your dog’s liking and proceed with caution without blindly […]

Pears as dog food

Many experts advise people to serve home cooked and raw diets to their dogs as opposed to packaged dog food. Fruits and vegetables form an important part of the raw natural food diet in order to make it a complete balanced meal. Pears are one such fruit which can be incorporated into the dog’s diet. […]

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