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Gatorade prescriptions for dogs

It has come to the notice of many people and dog owners that if your dog is sick and is suffering from lot of vomiting and diarrhea then mostly vets recommend and even prescribe to give Gatorade to the dogs.  Owners follow this suggestion but they are not completely sure of whether or not it is completely healthy.

It is never however recommended by vets to just give plain Gatorade, like open a bottle and empty it in your dog’s bowl and your job is done.  It is quite possible that if the dog is already vomiting then he will drink up the whole bowl and then vomit it all out and no purpose will be served. There are certain ways in which Gatorade should be given to dogs. You should start by giving your dog just one fourth of a cup of Gatorade in the bowl and see if it drinks it up. If he does you increase the quantity to half a cup and if he doesn’t then you do not add more of it. If he does not vomit it out till around fifteen minutes then you can give him some more.

Even though it is ok to give Gatorade in case f vomiting and diarrhea but giving a healthy dog Gatorade is not recommended. Dogs like their fluids simple and thus Gatorade will not go down well with the dog’s digestive system since it has certain sugars which are not suitable. Therefore as far as possible do not go for Gatorade to give to your dogs. It’s not recommended.


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