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Pineapples for dogs

Dogs have a tendency to react to different foods in a different manner. It is not necessary that if a certain food habit has worked out for one dog it will also work out the same way for yours. Thus it is very important to test your dog’s liking and proceed with caution without blindly following what others have said or done. Thus if a person tells you that he fed pineapples to his dog and they were not suitable it is not compulsory that it’s the same case with you and your dog too.

Pineapples are said to be good for dogs and are mostly fed in slices. Even though they are not fatal, veterinarians do not recommend that dog owners give pine apple to their dogs. This is just a generalized view because they do not know whether or not it will suit a particular dog. The maximum harm that the pine apple can cause is that of a stomach upset or diarrhea. Nothing major than that can result out of a pine apple treats for the dog. Therefore it is not a big problem if you fed your dog one or two slices.

As it is high in sugar content, the pine apple causes stomach upset in some dogs. But otherwise it is nice juicy fruity treat which can be given to your dog. The quantity of pine apple depends upon what your dog prefers and what suits his tummy. Therefore that has to be tried and tested by you before giving your dog too much of it.

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