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Something fishy

Fish is often considered the favorite pet food for cats. Cats and fish have been associated since long times. Feeding it to the furry enemy of cats, the dogs, is not a unique or different concept too. Tuna fish in fact is a great alternative source of food for dogs in the meat portion of dog’s food. Tuna serves as a great source of protein for humans. In the same way it is also a rich source of protein for the dogs.

Tuna fish contains omega 3 fatty acids. These are responsible for a large number of cardio vascular benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids prevent clotting in the heart arteries, minimizing irregular heart rhythms and also helps in lowering the level of cholesterol which if not controlled causes a lot of heart problems. Thus serving your dog tuna fish can save it from suffering a stroke and blockage. The omega 3 fatty acids also prevent high blood pressure suffering for your dog.

However serving your dog just tuna fish is not a great idea. It should be either mixed with other foods in order to make a balanced diet or if you are planning on giving just tuna then it should just be given as a treat and not as the whole meal by itself. Tuna fish can be incorporated while making homemade dog food as an ingredient for protein source, substituting it for chicken or turkey if you would like to. Therefore fishy treats for dogs are good option but yes be careful of the bones in the fish they should not be there to prevent your dog from choking.

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