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Pears as dog food

Many experts advise people to serve home cooked and raw diets to their dogs as opposed to packaged dog food. Fruits and vegetables form an important part of the raw natural food diet in order to make it a complete balanced meal. Pears are one such fruit which can be incorporated into the dog’s diet. Pears are said to be extremely good for the benefit of the dog’s heart.

The pit or core of the pears, though, should not be fed to dogs. This is because the seeds are same as the apple seeds and contain cyanide. Dogs bodies are designed in a different way from that of humans, thus it becomes difficult for them to digest these seeds. Pears are very rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K and also minerals like copper. All these together acts like anti oxidants and help your dog’s body to fight free radicals generated within.  Pears also have a larger proportion of nutrients compared to calories as against many other fruits which contain more calories per nutrients. Pears a rich source of dietary fiber which helps to lower cholesterol levels and preventing the risk of heart stroke.

Feeding a cube or two of pears to your dog is a good amount rather than overdoing it. In case of an excess it can lead to a runny stool which will be a hassle for dog owners to handle. Other than that there are no complications in feeding your dogs pears keeping in mind that they do not ingest the core.

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