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Can a Dog Tell When a Woman is Pregnant?

pregnancy-belly[1]If you want to know the answer to the question, “Can dogs sense pregnancy?” you’ll enjoy this helpful quick guide. The easy answer is that some dogs may sense pregnancy and behave differently as a result. Since dogs have highly sensitive senses of smell, they may notice alterations to women’s natural or typical odors, particularly in females that they are very close to.

In other words, if a dog’s owner is female and she becomes pregnant, a canine may notice a change in smell and then begin to act out in some way. Once in a while, pooches get a little aggressive when they notice pregnancy. For example, they may growl or bark or take on aggressive stances which may seem slightly threatening. However, some canines behave in the opposite manner, by becoming very clingy and following females around.

Therefore, there isn’t one standard set of behaviour which indicates that a dog knows you’re expecting a baby. Some female owners find that their pets act “weird” around them when they’re pregnant, simply because their pets are different than usual. If you’ve noticed this, it is possible that your dog senses something has changed about you and is trying to figure it all out.

Dogs May Detect Pregnancy Hormones

It’s believed, although not conclusively proven, that dogs are able to smell pregnancy hormones. These hormones may be detectable to a canine before a woman even knows that she is expecting. In fact, a few ladies have become alert to the fact that they were pregnant, simply by noting the changes in their dog’s behaviour. Because it’s not just an old wives’ tale, many people know that dogs act strangely around women who are pregnant, and they take unusual behaviour from their pooches as signals that it may be time to get pregnancy tests.

Some dogs act kind of moody, just like many pregnant women do. In addition, they may nuzzle and sniff women’s stomachs, in order to gather more sensory information about their female owners. If you notice this, don’t be alarmed, as it’s quite normal and usually totally harmless.

As you can see, it is possible for dogs to sense pregnancy. Therefore, there is really no reason to discount this concept. Tons of people have noticed odd behaviour from their dogs when pregnant women are around. While some people don’t believe that canines have this level of perceptiveness, many others are convinced that their pooches do indeed know when women are pregnant.

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