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Can Dogs Eat Apples

redrome[1]I am sure you know that eating apples is perfectly healthy for humans. In fact, there is even a saying about eating an apple a day will keep the doctor away. What about dogs though, can dogs eat apples? A very short and concise answer would be that yes, dogs can eat apples. They are full of different vitamins such as Vitamin K and C. They also have calcium and pectin which is an awesome fiber. If your dog friend likes apples, it is perfectly fine as a treat.

Remember that dogs can eat apples but you will need to remove the seeds before you feed them to your pet. The seeds in apples contain something called cyanide and this will hurt your dog’s stomach. If fed in large amounts, these seeds can cause problems that are serious. Always make sure to throw away the cores. You will also not want to feed your dog whole apples to avoid choking. Instead, cut them up into little pieces so that there is not a bad ending.

Apples are only good in small quantities

If you feed your pet tons of apples, it can turn into a problem that is very unhealthy. Their digestive system will not appreciate many apples, so please do not spoil this treat for them!

How to feed your dog apples

When I feed my own dog apples, I like to cut up the apples into small slices. Each little slice can be offered as a treat. You can even add a little peanut butter. This will drive your dog crazy and he will love it.

To conclude, dogs can eat apples and they are actually very healthy for your pet. They contain many nutrients and vitamins that will benefit the health of your animal. Just remember to keep them as treats and not to overdo it.

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