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Pork and dogs

Pork as a food for dogs is the same as chicken or turkey or any other source of meat. However there is a certain level of risk with giving pork to your dog. Eating pork leads to chances of getting the trichinosis infection in dogs. This is an intestinal disease which is caused by a certain roundworm. It leads to muscle pain and swelling of the upper eyelids and causes soreness.

This generally happens when the meat eaten by the dog is infected with the same disease and the chances of pork meat being infected by this worm is very high as compared to chicken, lamb, turkey or other meat products. These are just minimized symptoms but it is possible that severe symptoms also occur. The precaution with pork if properly taken then it is advised that pork can be served to dogs too. Any pork meat should be kept in freezing conditions for three weeks so that the parasites are killed. Any kind of fresh pork meat should be cooked extremely well in order to kill all harmful bacteria.

So with all these things in mind kept well only then should dog owners proceed to feed their dog’s pork meat. But one thing they should be careful of is that in no situation should the dog eat pork bones because they are highly unhealthy for dogs and can lead to a large number of diseases and infections.  So dog owners out there be very very careful by cooking pork for your dog.

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