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Knowing More about Weimaraner Puppies and Their Tendency to Bloat

Weimaraner-Puppy[1]The Weimaraners are moderately large and are athletic working dogs. Their head has a stop with a medial line going down the forehead. Their noses are grey and teeth meet in a scissors bite.  Their wide eyes come in different shades of color. The ears are high-set, long & pendant, folded forward & hanging down along the sides of the head. Their front legs are straight with compact feet.

Weimaraner puppies’ tails are docked to 4cm (Docking tails are mostly illegal in Europe). Their short, smooth coat comes in shades of grey to silver-grey, blending with other darker shades on the body and lighter shades on their head and ears. There are also some rare types which are long-haired.

Weimaraners are happy, intelligent, loving and affectionate dogs. It is also interesting to note that these dogs love children. Weimaraner puppies should be exercised regularly because if not, it will be very hard to control. It is a quick learner but will get bored if the exercise is the same thing over and over again. So mixing up exercises is a must.

The owner of the Weimaraner puppy must be a leader, a dog’s pack leader to be exact. With proper leadership, this puppy would grow up becoming combative with other dogs. They are smart and they crave leadership. They want to know what is expected from them, if this is not made they might become stressed and restless. Owners should not be harsh towards it, just show a calm way of discipline and a natural air of authority to their demeanor. Because of their focus, they are often mistaken as dumb. It also likes to bark and needs to be corrected if it becomes excessive. It has a better sense of smell than other breeds of dogs.

It’s a passionate worker and can be used for all kinds of hunting. Weimaraners are prone to bloat, it is best to feed them 2 -3 small meals per day rather than one huge meal a day. It is also prone to hypertropic osteodystrophy, and excessive rapid growth.

Weimaraners puppiers will do just fine in an apartment if they are properly exercised. They are mostly inactive indoors and will do best outside, at least with a large yard. Weimaraners are not suited to outdoor kennel life. This dog’s stamina is second to none. It is better to take them for a daily long walk or a jog. Plus, they also need a lot of opportunities to run freely. Do not train or exercise your dog right after a meal. It is better to feed it after a long walk soon as it cools down and a lot of water too to rehydrate his body. Most Weimaraner’s life span is about 10 – 14 years if it is healthy and taken care of properly.

It’s smooth, short coat is easy to keep in good condition. Brush it daily with a firm bristle brush and dry shampoo occasionally. Use mild soap only while giving bath, a rub over with a chamois will make the coat gleam. Check the mouth, legs and feet for damage after every exercise and training sessions. Keep their nails trimmed. And as for every dog, always check for lice and thick every time it scratches a part of its body.

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