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Housebreaking Pads for Dogs

41iqEW6s6LL._SX355_[1]Are you trying to house-train your dog?  If you are, you know that it is very difficult, and you are often stuck cleaning up pee and poop from your carpet, or floors.

Young puppies, like young kids, have small bladders, so they cannot hold in their pee or poop for a long time before they need to go.  If you are not home with them 24/7 this can mean that you will almost always come home to a not so present surprise.

One of the best things you can do to help yourself and your dog is to buy some housebreaking pads.  These pads can be placed down where your dog stays during the day so if they do need to use the washroom, the pads will soak up the liquid, and protect your floors.

The pads that we recommend are the Wee-Wee Housebreaking Pads.  These pads are great because they are high quality, they have a lining to protect your floors, and you can buy a large box of them on amazon for a cheap price compared to other training kits.

Just buy a box of these, and before you leave put a couple down where your dog stays.  Teach your dog to use them if you are not home.  This will save you countless hours of cleaning, and save you from the bad smells that go along with it.

If you are interested in the pads you can get more information about them here.

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