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Can Dogs See Ghosts?

Brown_lady[1]Dogs are great companions to their human owners—and this very companionship is reflected in how close dogs can become to them. Can dogs, however, sense things that humans can’t sense? And, if they can, do they sense when there’s a supernatural presence nearby?

According to studies about the subject, at least 40 percent of American people believe that their dogs do sense things that supposedly ‘aren’t there.’ In fact, they believe that they have a ‘sixth sense’ of some sort. So, can dogs see ghosts and other supernatural entities?

Dogs, their perception… and the supernatural

Dogs undoubtedly have extrasensory perceptions that are far beyond what humans can understand or sense themselves. They can hear things better than humans, smell better and can even feel when things are approaching or about to happen. Does it mean they can see spirits or ghosts?

The very concept of a ghost, spirit or supernatural entity revolves around apparitions or ‘invisible’ entities that make their pretense known in subtle ways. While most humans think that they’re completely hallucinating when they ‘see’ or ‘hear’ a ghost or spirit attempting to communicate, dogs react in a way that seems intrinsic to how their senses work.

As an example, dogs are commonly known to react to their owners returning home in an anticipatory way. Many researchers about the subject have pinned that reaction down to the way dogs perceive the world in general, something that their hypersensitive senses help them accomplish.

That notion pretty much means that when a dog senses something nearby that ‘isn’t there,’ that they might be responding to a ghost or other supernatural entity.

Though, dogs have been shown to react to things that haven’t approached or happened yet, though did eventually happen days later. This is prevalent in dogs who live with their owners in places that are prone to natural disasters like severe storms. Dogs can pick up the subtle changes in the area and atmosphere that indicate something might be approaching.

Does that hypersensitive perception mean that dogs can see ghosts? Even though it might mean that, humans wouldn’t be able to perceive it that way.

Humans, in fact, can’t pick up what dogs can sense. Thanks to that, we automatically think that what dogs actually sense isn’t what they actually sense. Humans probably think that they’re reacting to something trivial and not what they might perceive as the supernatural.

So, can dogs see ghosts? If they can see and sense ghosts, humans don’t quite understand that yet. There are too many differences in the way that humans and dogs perceive the world that makes it hard for their human owners to know if they’re ‘crying wolf’ or not.

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