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All about Dalmatian Puppies

Dalmatian-puppies[1]Aren’t the dogs in 101 Dalmatians just the cutest? Well, thanks to a 1956 novel by Dodie Smith and that film, the breed saw a surge in popularity. Because of their popularity, Dalmatians were bought and purchased by families to be taken care of but was not able to properly educate themselves. Hence, the breed suffered a lot from inexperienced owners without meaning to. To avoid such situations, you, as an owner or soon-to-be owner, should educate yourselves on how to take care of Dalmatians, whether they are Dalmatian puppies or adult ones.


Understanding the breed

It is important to understand the breed so you could better take care of your Dalmatian puppies or your adult one. Each breed of dog has its own characteristics, behaviour and temperament. When it comes to temperament, Dalmatians tend to have a lot of stamina and energy so it would need a family or an owner who can keep up with it.


Since they were initially used as carriage dogs in the early days, they are familiar with rigorous activities. Hence, they do not like it when they just sit around the house and do nothing. With their huge amount of energy, they tend to dig and dig and dig when left alone in the yard all day. So, keep an eye open for your Dalmatian puppies so they wouldn’t grow to be a dog who likes to dig all day.


Since they are used to a lot of activities, they are a breed that consists of large, strong and muscular dogs. They are known for their black or liver-spotted coat. They trace their roots back to Dalmatia, a region of Croatia.


Caring for the breed

Part of caring for the Dalmatian breed is providing them with enough exercise. Since they Dalmatians are energetic, they need to be taken to long walks to satisfy their enormous stamina. Jogs are also recommended. If there are opportunities for Dalmatians to run, they would take it without hesitating so taking them to open areas and space could do your Dalmatian some good needed exercise and bonding time.


It is also important to note that Dalmatians shed twice a year. As the owner, you should prepare yourself for the inevitable so that you can avoid the stress and hassle your Dalmatian may bring you when it is shedding. Aside from the shedding, Dalmatian puppies as well as adults are prone to a lot of health issues. Always be observant on your dog’s activities. If something suspicious comes up, it may be a good time to bring your pet to the vet.


Having a companion like a dog may be fun and exhilarating but it also entails responsibility. You should learn to take care of your Dalmatian. It is also important to give your pet the proper nutrition. Never underfeeding it nor overfeeding it. A balance between exercise and rest is also essential so that your Dalmatian puppy can grow to an amazing adult Dalmatian dog while your adult Dalmatian may continue to be healthy and energetic.

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