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The Cute and Cuddly Chow Chow Puppy


  • Dog experts have long speculated that Chow Chows are one of the oldest breeds and genetic tests have proven it to be true. It is believed to have been originated from Mongolia and China, slowly moving to South. In China, the breed went by many names: Black-Tounge, Bear Dog, Wolf Dog and Canton Dog. British merchants in late 18th century included some of the bearlike dogs in their cargo, were referred to as “Chow Chow” and its name stuck to the breed. It wasn’t until a century later that Chow chows were being imported on a regular basis. Queen Victoria took an interest in the breed which boosted the popularity. Today the Chow Chows rank 64th in popularity among the 155 breeds & varieties recognized by the AKC.


  • Chow Chow is a large, furry dog. The basic distinctive features of the Chow Chow is its blue-black tongue (purple like) and it’s almost straight legs that makes it walk stilted. Its head is large with a flat skull. The muzzle is deep and broad. It also has a big ruff behind its head which makes it lion-like. Its nose is black with open nostrils. The small, standing ears are triangular and round at the tip. Their eyes which are almond in shape are deep-set and dark in color. Its chest is broad and very deep. The tail set above the body.


Their furry coat comes in two varieties, some are smooth and some are rough. The common colors are black, blue, red cinnamon and cream. The coat maybe darker or lighter but never comes in parti-colored.


  • Chow Chow puppies are well-mannered and good with children. Chow Chow puppies could also get along with cats and other indoor animals if they bonded while they are still young and grew old together. Chow Chows need a firm training starting at puppyhood. Whether you’ll adopt a Chow Chow puppy or an adult Chow Chow, the master should set rules for the Chow Chow to follow. Chow Chow puppies require a dominant owner. He/she should be calm, firm, confident and very consistent so that the Chow Chow can develop its skills and behavior well.


Do not allow this dog to be an alpha dog because it will become protective, stubborn and downright unruly. But if the owner shows a strong-minded attitude, the Chow Chow will work hard at keeping being an alpha dog in your human pack. Chow Chow puppies can be a handful with passive owners, but take the very same dog and put it with an owner who has great authority and it will be patient, polite and make an excellent companion to the family.


  • The normal weight of a Chow Chow ranges from 20 to 32 kg.  It is prone to suffer entropion, an eye irritation due to eyelid abnormality. This can be cured with surgery. It is also prone to hot spots, ear infections, stomach cancer and hip dysplasia. They often snore because of their short muzzles. The Chow Chows will do just fine in an apartment. It is typically inactive indoors and a small yard is sufficient. It is sensitive to heat and can live in or out the house in cool weather.


Chow Chows are naturally lazy, but a daily walk is needed for exercises. Dogs that are not exercised show some array of behavior problems. The Chow Chows life expectancy averages to 15 years. Daily brushing of its coat is very important to maintain the “standing-out” look. It is also a heavy seasonal shedder and extra care is required when the dog is shedding its undercoat. Use dry shampoo if necessary.


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