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Shrimp in dog meals


Unusual foods being fed to dogs are innumerable in the world. Even when the dog owner tries out a new and innovative kind of edible product they like to experiment by giving it to their dogs just out of curiosity as to whether it will eat it or not. Shrimps being fed to dogs may sound unusual to some but let me tell you it is not that uncommon.

If you have tried or wanted to feed your dog a shrimp portion then it is important for you to know that it is safe for dogs to eat shrimps. The one prime factor, however, remains that the shrimp is very well cooked and properly peeled so that the shells are completely gone from the shrimp. The shells of the shrimp can cause choking or cracking of teeth and thus should not be present on the shrimp if it is given to the dog. Uncooked shrimp on the other hand is also not a very good meal choice for your dog. This is because the digestive system of the dog is not such that can easily digest a shrimp. Thus indigestion and consequent problems will arise.

Thus cooking and peeling of the shrimp is something which should be ensured before you want to offer this delicious treat to your loved dog. Feeding your dog shrimps can make its coat healthier and prevent hair loss from occurring too. Apart from being delicious, thus, it also has certain benefits. Therefore feeding one or two shrimps here and there to your dog won’t cause much of harm.


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