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Can a Dog Tell When a Woman is Pregnant?

If you want to know the answer to the question, “Can dogs sense pregnancy?” you’ll enjoy this helpful quick guide. The easy answer is that some dogs may sense pregnancy and behave differently as a result. Since dogs have highly sensitive senses of smell, they may notice alterations to women’s natural or typical odors, particularly […]

Can Dogs See In The Dark?

Can dogs see in the dark? It’s an interesting question, and the answer might just surprise you.   Can Dogs See At Night? The answer to the question of “Can dogs see in the dark?” is yes. More to the point, they can see in the dark a lot better than us humans can.

Can Dogs Get Hayfever?

If you’re new to being a dog owner, you might be asking yourself “Can dogs get hayfever?” While this isn’t the most important thing you need to know about owning a dog, “Can dogs get hayfever?” is still worth asking.   Dogs And Hayfever Some people are surprised to find that their dogs are capable […]

Can Dogs Get Colds?

Don’t think that asking something like “Can dogs get colds?” is a silly question. A new pet owner should most certainly ask every question concerning the care of their new canine friend that occurs to them. The short answer to the question of “Can dogs get colds?” is that they most certainly can. However, it’s […]