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Can dogs have strawberries?

Like all the various berries available in the market like blue berries and black berries, straw berries are also a delicious treat. Just as it is for humans, even for dogs straw berries are good twist of taste from the regular dog food served to them. Dogs love to play with the straw berries before they actually get down to eating it, which means that they thoroughly enjoy the berry experience.

There are special enzymes present in straw berries which help to keep the dog’s teeth white. This is a great boon since it is often seen that dog’s teeth become yellow due to the meat based food they are continuously having. It also used in homeopathic remedies given to dogs in some places especially for good breath and whiter teeth.  Just like the other member of the berry family, the blue berry, the straw berry is also delicious to which dogs take instant liking. It also contains antioxidants which help to reduce aging by reducing the degenerative disease processes and symptoms.

So the next time one of you dog owners are at the supermarkets looking for a nice and tasty dig treat do not overlook the straw berry. Not only will it serve as a snack but it will also work to keeping healthy teeth healthier for your loved dog.  However do not go overboard with the straw berries because even though beneficial they have a certain sugar content which should not be in overdose for your dog to prevent them having a runny stomach or potential diabetes.

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