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Can Dogs Have Mushroom

While giving most alternative and people food to your dogs is considered to be safe, mushrooms are not one of them. Humans can eat and digest mushrooms without any problem but for dogs it can be lethal. Veterinarians swear off from giving any kind of mushrooms to dogs, be it red, white or brown in color.

While most people would say that since people can eat mushrooms then you can give it to your dogs also when it is properly cooked. But this risk is a very high one to take because the mushroom could be toxic or harmful even after being cooked. Mushrooms can also cause serious seizures, vomiting and even lead to causing a coma in some dogs while others may just suffer a stomach ache or upset.  Mushrooms can be toxic and lead to damaging the kidneys, liver and even neurological diseases in the dog. Vets have seen rising cases of drooling, tremors in the dogs and inability to stand up properly as a result of eating mushrooms.

Thus in order to take good care of your dog it is advisable not to feed any kind of mushroom to your dog because you may not be sure of whether the mushroom you are giving is toxic or not. It should also be noted that not every people food maybe suitable for dogs also therefore in choosing an alternative source of food. It may happen that you may not know it can cause harm to the health of your loved dog.


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