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Can dogs have lemons?

Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamins for dogs. Vitamin C in particular is present in abundance in such fruits. Lemons are one of the best citrus fruits in terms of vitamin C. but when it comes down to the question of whether dogs can have lemons? The answer is no.

Lemons are highly acidic in nature and not suitable for dogs. They lead to occurrence of severe stomach ache and gas. Also the seeds in lemons have cyanide which very harmful if eaten by the dogs. It can lead to toxic levels rising in the dog’s body. Being a citrus fruit it is possible that too much of lemon for your dog can lead to a digestive distress and a runny stomach.  People sometimes add a few drops of lemon juice to other natural and raw food products before giving them to dogs. However little do they know that the dogs do not like the sour taste of lemons and thus do not enjoy it at all.

Therefore it is not safe to give your dog lemons in any which way be it whole or juice. Lemons are also one of those people food which if given dogs cause more harm than good. With no special benefits for dogs it is not at all a good option so as to add it to the dog’s diet. So dog owners should take care in knowing full well as to which people food suit and which do not suit their dogs and all dogs in general before introducing any new product in their diet.

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