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Can dogs have bread?

Bread is a staple diet of many people world wide. Thus there are high chances that while you are eating your normal meal your adorable and cute dog comes to you with innocent eyes hoping to grab a bite from your meal and you give it a piece from your bread. But do you know that is it good to feed your dog bread?

The answer is yes dogs can eat bread but only and only in small portions and lesser times. It should not be popped into your dog’s mouth every time you are having your own meal. Bread has a lot of calories and a regular consumption of bread by dogs will add to their weight and it will lead to obesity. Also feeding too much bread to them will spoil their food habits and laziness among the dogs is bound to step in. also uncooked bread can cause the stretching of dog’s stomach and lead to severe pain. Thus just empty calories and sugar do not make for good dog food and thus should be avoided as dog diet.

Even though a lot of dog food contains bread it is important to know that that bread is made from bran and it is mentioned in the ingredients as well. Now bran does not cause such severe problems as normal bread does so it is ok if a certain percentage of bran is included in their diet. Hence it is a risk if you are serving your dog bread on a regular basis.


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