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Can Dogs Have Blueberries

With so much information on the internet as to what to feed your dog and what not it sometimes becomes confusing for dog owners to be sure of what exactly to give their dog. If we take the case of berries, there is lot of places where vast information on the benefits of berries for dogs. They discuss in detail of which berry causes what for a dog. Blue berries are known to be good fruit to serve your dog and also healthy option for a snack.

Blue berries are not only safe and liked by dogs but they carry various health benefits also. Blue berries are rich anti oxidants. Thus this property of blue berries helps the dogs in better digestion and protects it from the free radicals generated during the breaking down of the food.  Cancer and heart diseases are said to be prevented if one feeds their dogs blue berries. The cognitive functions of a dog are also maintained by regular eating of blue berries. Blue berries are also a good source of silicon which helps to protect the dog’s pancreas.

Blue berries are extremely enjoyable for dogs and they love to eat straight from the dog owner’s hands. But it can also be given in different forms like mixing it with dog food, puree form or even the juice.  However like other alternative options of food even excess of blue berries is not good for the dog. It can lead to stomach upset, diarrhea and vomiting.

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