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Can Dogs Have Black Beans

Beans have been used in human food as both the main ingredient as well as the side dish. Especially for vegetarians, beans have been a great food option and a large number of recipes revolve around them. For dogs, beans are also the same as for humans. They can be inculcated in a dog’s diet as a nutritious and healthy option. They are delicious and thus dogs take quick liking to beans too.

Black beans are said to have a high amount of protein. They are also rich in vitamin K, vitamin c, manganese and dietary fiber. This fiber helps the dog in smooth excretion of waste product from the digestive system. Care should be taken however to ensure that only cooked black beans are served to your dogs. The problem with raw black beans being given to dogs is that they are hard if raw and that makes them difficult to chew for dogs. Another problem with raw black beans is that they can probably cause airway or intestinal tract blockage.

How you serve a natural product as a dog food item is what makes it safe or unsafe. Thus serving your dog well cooked and preferable mashed black beans is a safe option but serving your dog uncooked raw and hard black beans is what makes it unsafe for your loved dog. So as far the question arises if black beans are good option for your adorable little pet. Well the answer is yes it is but not in its raw form.

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