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Broccoli for the canines

Vegetables are an important source of nutrients for dogs and are incorporated in all possible dog foods and diets. They provide the correct offset to the meat added in the dog foods. The definition of a balanced diet for dogs implies that vegetables form an inevitable part of it. Broccoli is one such vegetable which is a healthy vegetarian option to offer your dog for a meal or a snack.

However since broccoli is human food it should not be given to dogs in excess. Moderation is the key and should be followed as a rule. This is because a dog’s digestive system does not break down vegetables in the same way as the human digestive system does. Therefore to avoid any complications moderate feeding of broccoli is healthy. Nutrients and vitamins are in abundance in broccoli and benefit the dog. It is also a very good source of fiber for the dog.

But even broccoli comes with its fair share of risks for dogs.  If broccoli is given in excess then it may lead to broccoli toxicity which is painful for dogs. Also the size of the dog matters a lot while giving a broccoli. For a large sized dog where one broccoli would be an adequate amount, the same if given to a small sized dog could lead the potentially fatal results for the pooch.  In the daily food intake of the dog, broccoli should garner less than five percent of the total for it to classify as nutritious and healthy. More than that should be avoided.


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