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Almonds for dogs?

Giving nuts to your dog as special treats should be a strict no for dog owners. No matter how innocently your dog looks at you while you are treating yourself to some nuts, do not even for a split second consider giving it any. Nuts have a high content of salt which is very harmful for dogs. Macadamia nuts and walnuts are highly toxic for dogs. Almonds, even though they are not toxic for your dogs, there are some very good reasons why you should not give your dogs almonds.

This special nutty treat including almonds can lead to a very serious stomach upset for your dog. Nuts are a very rich kind of food item and thus digesting them is not always very easy. Even in humans if you have a lot of almonds it would be difficult to digest. Thus in dogs the digestive system is different and thus becomes more difficult for digs to completely break down the almonds. Mono saturated fats in almonds are high and any kind of such fat given to the dogs can lead to pancreatic in dogs.

Another good reason of not giving your dog almonds as special treats. since these nuts are comparatively small and hard there are high chances that it can lead to intestinal blockage or even choking in throats. So all these different reasons make it a good option to not feed your dog almonds as treats or snacks. Make your dog healthy and do not feed him almonds.


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