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All About Australian Shepherd Puppies

frpup4pg[1]Vivacious and versatile are some of the common traits of the Australian Shepherd. They became popular along with the surge of western riding after World War II. Furthermore, it was called the Australian Shepherd because of its correlation with Basque shepherds which came from America from Australia in the early 1800s. The Australian Shepherd, like any other dogs, is also called by many names including Pastor Dog, Bob-Tail, and its famous contracted name, the Aussie Shepherd.

Basically, Australian Shepherds is known for two purposes: Working dogs, which are bred to become guard dogs, doing ranch activities and performing rescues. The other one is as Show dogs where they are bred and meticulously trained to do spectacular tricks, moves and amazing talents. Their general appearance varies differently depending on their purposes. Australian shepherds can be as bulky and upright as an army dog or puppy-like, furry-toy-like dog even in their adult years.

Digging to the bones
Australian Shepherds normally have a minimum life expectancy of twelve years and a max of fifteen years. They are mid-sized dogs which grow about 18 to 23 inches tall, which is average for all breeds, and has a liter size of 6-9 puppies.

When it comes to their behavior, Australian Shepherd puppies are loyal, intelligent and very social breeds. Remember the statement or law in chemistry, like dissolves like? If you’re having problem with your hyperactive child – then this is the right dog for you! Let them play “last dog-man standing”. They are perfect around with bubbly children because these breeds are likely to be exposed with physical and vigorous activities.

Health problems
Just like any other dog, if not properly maintained, Australian shepherd puppies can acquire vision, back, hip and pancreatic problems. This breed can also develop urinary infections, thyroid and bladder problems. In few cases, Aussies can be epileptic. This happens when there is an abnormal burst of electricity in their brain that alters the normal brain function.

What you don’t want with Aussies and the solution
An Australian shepherd has a tendency of being destructive when bored or their energy is not drained enough with exercise. They love to chase and nip all things that move. So, make sure that you provide enough physical activities to satisfy their energy and mental stimulation. If this habit of your Aussie is uncontrollable better use the famous “TSSSSST!” By Cesar Millan. That might help.

Stubbornness and shyness may develop if they are not accustomed being around with people. Learn to expose him to the environment. They need broad exposure to humans and with strange sounds and sights. Have a daily walk with your dog to help him adapt.

And the worst of all, they shed a lot – so regular brushing is advised to avoid mats and tangles to keep their coat in good condition.

Overall, Australian shepherd is a good breed of dog. They are versatile, though may have a little fall back with maintenance but they can be a protector or a source of bliss for the family. Aussies are currently one of those breeds who are crowned with the title of “people’s” dogs making them worthy to be called a man’s best friend.

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