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A dog’s date!

Unique food options for dogs will never stop surprising one and all. There are so many food products available in the world which one doesn’t even think of as feeding to your dogs. And it also turns out that many of those foods are actually those which your dog would like to eat as a snack or in his meal.

Dates are one such option of dog snacks. There are many dogs which take an instant liking for dates as a way of snacking. Dates are not only tasty but they do not cause any major harm to the dogs. Also the nutrient factor adds to the health of your dog just the same way as it does to humans. The only problem in feeding your dog too many dates is the same which comes with other alternative foods. Too much of anything is bad and same is the case with dates. A stomach upset and runny stool is a common problem which arises due to much eating of dates by your dogs.

Dates are a fruit which many do not even think of giving to their dogs but now we know that they are safe to give to your dog as snacks. So if you want to change from the usual dog cookie treats then now you have an interesting yet delicious option of giving them dates. Not only will your dog enjoy it but even you can treat yourself to one or two.  Thus do not shy away from picking up dates from the supermarket next time.


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